ElleSpa, the Willamette Valley’s premier spa retreat is quite notable for making their own products and providing some unusual techniques for the services on their extensive Offerings menu, all of which are luxury incarnate, and all are exclusive to ElleSpa. Meet the latest stroke of creative genius to come out of ElleSpa’s Apothecary: the GreenWitch Massage, which incorporates active CBD and THC from the cannabis plant. Unlike hemp or cannabis topicals, the GreenWitch is transdermal, allowing for the active ingredients to pass through all 7 layers of the skin and enter the bloodstream. Like everything at ElleSpa, it is made with all-natural ingredients and is perfectly safe.
There are three companies, including ElleSpa which are currently developing and using transdermal cannabis systems and interestingly, they are all based in Oregon. All three have apparently been developing this idea simultaneously but have released their products at different times.

“The idea came when we were developing a new topical salve to deal with Elle’s fibromyalgia and skin cancer,”says ElleSpa’s vice president Corey Geffken, referring to ElleSpa’s owner, Elle who is a cancer survivor and fibromyalgia sufferer. “The product has been successfully tested for a year and we feel we have a viable, safe and amazingly unique addition to our Offerings Menu. The effect, which is quite noticeable, is still fairly mild; and once the massage is over, it fades away. To put it frankly, no one was crawling out of here looking for a whole pizza to eat or forgetting to pick up the kids at soccer.”

Although the federal government recently released a study admitting they have known about the effectiveness of cannabis in treating several types of cancer since the 1960’s, Mr. Geffken will not comment on the effectiveness of transdermal cannabis or the claim of its effectiveness on fibromyalgia pain or destroying cancer cells except to say “There is quite an analgesic effect, but we have to be very careful about making claims. ” That being said however, ElleSpa is noticing a substantial increase in bookings for their new service due to what is being called ‘canna-tourism’. “Since it became legal, people are curious about cannabis but still there is a lingering stigma surrounding ‘smoking pot’, this is a different and quite unique way to try it, even enjoy it.”

“They paint it on while its warm and it begins to tingle, after a minute you can taste peppermint in your mouth. After that, it just feels amazing.” Says ElleSpa Guest Jennifer M.

“It’s nothing like smoking it, it doesn’t even smell like marijuana. It just feels deeply relaxing…it’s perfect for me.” Says Jan S.

ElleSpa complys with all state laws, so you must show ID proving you are 21 years of age and sign a waiver. The actual GreenWitch material is not for sale, and is only available during a GreenWitch Massage.

GreenWitch is marketed under the slogan: “For what ails you.” and is available exclusively at ElleSpa. Call to book your very own GreenWitch Massage. 503-874-4545